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Root Canals

Terrible Toothache? We Have the Answer

Model of the inside of a tooth

If you have the kind of toothache that is so bad you can’t really function normally, then it's probably a dental pulp infection. The dental pulp is a small bit of nerve tissue located at the center of each tooth, and it can sometimes become exposed to bacteria because of a cavity or crack in the enamel. Either way, the end result is usually quite a bit of dental pain, but a root canal is specifically designed to fix this problem and can even save teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Why Choose Angel Smile Dental Care for Root Canals?

  • Patient comfort comes first
  • Same-day emergency appointments available
  • Kind, friendly, & highly-skilled team

Your Quick Guide to Root Canals

Woman holding cheek in pain

When a patient comes to see us with a hurting tooth, we always give them an exam. If we determine that the problem is the dental pulp and they need a root canal, the procedure will involve the following steps:

  • First, the treatment area will be adequately numbed with local anesthetic.
  • Once a patient can’t feel anything, a small hole is created in the enamel.
  • This allows the dentist to reach and remove the infected pulp.
  • Then, the inside of the tooth will be cleaned, sanitized, and filled.
  • A temporary restoration will be placed over the tooth, and at a follow-up appointment, the patient will receive a brand new crown.

Thanks to modern dental tools and techniques, most patients compare this often-feared procedure to getting a small filling!